Review – Is It a Legit Online Fashion Store?

Cotosen Review

A page called “Cotosen” is appearing on the internet. Most customers seem unhappy with the site but we are here with an unbiased Cotosen Review. Cotosen is a legitimate website to shop or not, let's find out together.
In the days of Corona Pandemic, people prefer to stay at home and shop from online platforms while staying in their comfort zone. Seeing this rising trend of online shopping, thousands of new businesses have joined the online e-commerce platform.
In this case, it becomes difficult for buyers to distinguish between fake and legitimate websites to shop. Some get stuck by fake websites while many other users research the site first before relying on them. If you're among those savvy shoppers, we congratulate you for taking the time to research the legitimacy of websites before shopping online.
Today in this article you will discover the real face of the viral website “Cotosen” and you will also get an overall idea to distinguish between fake and legitimate websites.

Cotosen is legit or a scam

Cotosen is an online apparel store that has a wide range of clothing. It deals in both men's and women's accessories. Although the website is beautifully designed, the first thing that we found suspicious was the bogus, bogus hot sale on almost every product.
This is a trick of scam websites to trap innocent people. By using a strategy of low pricing, they attract people and then plunder them.
There is also no information about the website owner which is not good practice of genuine companies. The first hint about fake websites is that most such websites do not give you detailed information about the owner.
They also provide suspicious email addresses and contact numbers, so one should double-check all this common information about any website before proceeding with shopping.
There also aren't any Cotosen reviews on the website, which is not a good sign. To learn more about this dubious eCommerce store, we jumped into the Cotosen review on Trustpilot. We were surprised to see 89% bad reviews from users.

Final verdict

After asking through all possible means, we came to the conclusion of Cotosen Review that, it is a scam. We therefore advise all of you not to shop from this site.
Another customer had an even worse experience. Here is what he wrote, “This is just organized human fraud. I ordered L size tactical pants and 3 months later got XL women's summer pants. It was funny until their customer service said there are no refunds, just a $35 voucher for a new order. Bloody Crime! ”
A recent review reads: “I bought 3 items & of them; (1) the one never arrived, (2) the 2nd one was a different color from the one I chose, (3) & the 3rd one was too big. I got scammed, got no refund and wasted my hard earned money. Don't be tempted or fooled by what appears to be an attractive product selection; all crap & so is COTOSEN!!! ”
The last questionable thing we want to discuss is the content of the site. The entire content of COTOSEN was copied and even the images they used were stolen from other websites.
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