Is Gosplitty Legit: Is It Legit or Scam?

How can I find out which hotels will remain open if I need to make a hotel reservation for a future date?

All shuttered hotels will soon be removed from our website for the days they are closed. If any of the hundreds of hotels listed on GoSplitty are open during your updated vacation dates, they will be shown in your search results. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

What should I do if the hotel I booked is closed but I still need a hotel for those dates?

GoSplitty is still creating the best rates for our users, even in these uncertain times. If you are unable to find anything suitable through our website, please email us at support Email, and we will be more than happy to help you find a great deal!

What concept underpins Splitty?

GosplittyTM is the only online hotel booking platform in the world that enables customers to benefit from incredible hotel discounts that can only be found by combining offers from several sources to build a customised room package. The "Split & Match" system genuinely develops fresh discounts that are not available anywhere else, as opposed to just displaying fixed pricing from travel vendors. Travellers may obtain special promotional pricing for low occupancy times and reserve the property's least expensive rooms by combining numerous reservations for their trip.

It's difficult for Gosplitty to find a room at a hotel that says it's fully booked.

GoSplitty can identify if one room type is available for some of your stay and a different room type is available for the remaining portion of your chosen dates using our split and match technology. GoSplitty will attempt to build a fresh deal just for you even if conventional booking systems indicate that these dates are sold out.

Do I have to check in and out between times in the room?

Only the front desk of the hotel can answer that. The hotel front desk will often consolidate the two reservations into a single guest account. In this scenario, only your first and last days will be used for check-in and check-out. But once again, the hotel front desk has complete control over this.

If I don't make it to my appointment or show up late, will I be charged for a night's stay?

You might have to pay a fee depending on the hotel's cancellation policy for the particular reservation. You should review the hotel's cancellation and late arrival rules, as recommended. Please be aware that your reservation can be cancelled if you don't let the hotel know you'll be late. Although you can include this as a request in the "Hotel Special Requests" section of the booking form, we always advise contacting the hotel personally once your reservation has been confirmed.
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