Elsiu Reviews: Is this website an online store for women's clothing?

Poor Security

The Elsiu website is not protected by McAfee or Norton, making it susceptible to hackers who could steal users' personal and financial information. Reputable online retailers make investments in website security to safeguard the data of their consumers.

Content that has been stolen

A few of the product pictures on Elsiu were taken from other online retailers. This is a frequent strategy employed by shady internet retailers to pass off inferior or counterfeit goods as the real thing. Often, victims of this scam are unable to return the goods they receive.

No social media presence

For a reputable internet retailer, Elsiu's lack of a social media presence is surprising. The majority of legitimate businesses use social media to interact with their clients and advertise their goods.

A scam, is Elsiu?

Elsiu is probably an online store fraud based on the warning signs mentioned above. It offers discounts and low prices, like many other shady internet retailers, to entice users to buy anything. Customers who do this, however, frequently wind up with things that are of poor quality or completely unrelated to what they intended.


Elsiu is an unreliable place to make purchases online. There are a number of warning signs that point to the fact that this website is a hoax. Elsiu has all the characteristics of an internet fraud, from its recently created date to its phoney contact address, lax website security, and stolen product photos. Elsiu consumers have complained about not receiving their orders or getting low-quality items that are very different from what was described, which might result in financial loss. Always proceed with caution while purchasing online, especially on unreliable or dubious sites. Always take the time to investigate the website, read customer reviews, and look for any warning signs like those stated in this article before making any transactions. It is also suggested that you use secure payment methods like PayPal, which offer some level of protection against online scams.


A website called Elsiu advertises a variety of apparel items, such as dresses, tops, and two-piece sets. But it has become evident through additional examination that there are a number of warning signs suggesting that this website is not an authentic online business. The fact that Elsiu was only established in October 2022 and is slated to close in October 2023 is one of the key reasons you shouldn't shop there.

This suggests that the webpage is temporary and hence unreliable. Customers who have shopped at this company have also posted a large number of unfavourable reviews online, complaining that they never received the items they ordered or that they received an altogether different product than what they anticipated. Moreover, efforts to get in touch with the shop for a refund have failed.
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