Tick Mitt Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

Tick prevention is your first line of defence.

Your first line of defence against ticks is TiCK MiTT, which gives you control over your health and the assurance that you've done all possible to save your family and your pets from diseases carried by ticks.

Work TiCK MiTT

The TiCK MiTT removes ticks by softly and completely rubbing them on your body, your clothing, or the fur of your pet.

Protection Against Ticks for Your Active Lifestyle

Being in nature is a way of life for those with pets, hikers, campers, gardeners, hunters, and other outdoor lovers. You no longer have to give up your health to pursue your passions, thanks to TiCK MiTT.

Father and daughter—that's us.

That likes to spend a lot of time gardening at our Upstate New York home and hiking with our dogs. Sadly, throughout the years, several members of our family and friends have had Lyme disease, and we understand what it's like to battle the persistent side effects of diseases transmitted by ticks. Our appreciation for nature has not diminished despite the disease's effects.

By chance, we came upon a substance that not only eradicated ticks from our bodies and clothing but also from the fur of our dogs. We're thrilled to introduce TiCK MiTT as a method for eliminating ticks from humans and their cherished pets after years of study with a renowned tick specialist and a product engineer and several prototypes to perfect it. Our solution decreases the possibility of ticks entering your house and might shield your family and pets from being bitten by a tick that is transmitting Lyme disease or other contagious diseases.

Be in tune with nature rather than clicks.

To help reduce your anxiety when outside, incorporate TiCK MiTT into your tick prevention practise.

What is the purpose of TiCK MiTT?

TiCK MiTT is used to remove ticks from people and animals as well as to guard against diseases like Lyme disease that are spread by ticks.

Is it safe to use TiCK MiTT?

Yes, TiCK MiTT is devoid of chemicals and completely safe to use.

The operation of TiCK MiTT

The TiCK MiTT removes ticks by softly and completely rubbing them on your body, your clothing, or the fur of your pet.

TiCK MiTT: How do I use it?

Do not forget to take your TiCK MiTT. Try to stay away from locations like tall grass or forested regions where ticks can be present. To help prevent tick exposure, wear long sleeved clothing, socks, or trousers. TiCK MiTT should be rubbed on your skin, clothing, or pet's fur. Pets: Gently and completely rub TiCK MiTT on and through your pet's fur, paying special care to their head and neck. To check for any embedded or loose ticks, thoroughly massage TiCK MiTT all over your body before going outside. The embedded ticks cannot be removed using TiCK MiTT.

Pets: Repeat Step 2 fifteen minutes after the initial pass, paying particular attention to their head, neck, and ears. For people: Do a second TiCK MiTT pass on your clothing and equipment after fifteen minutes, as well as a second visual examination of your body. After usage, put your TiCK MiTT in the mesh bag and keep it sealed up until you're ready to put it in the dryer. To get rid of ticks, dry the mesh bag with your TiCK MiTT on high for 10 minutes. Ticks must be removed before TiCK MiTT may be used again.
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