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In Montgomery, Alabama, a warning has been issued against wood-chucking con artists. What is the most that wood-chucking employees might steal from the pockets of innocent people? How are people duped by woodchuckers? What incident led the authorities to send out a warning? Find out more about the woodchucking hoax. To aid in the prevention of this kind of tragedy, an awareness seminar is being organised.

Woodchucking-related scams:

An elderly couple was contacted by a stranger in Silver Spring, Maryland. These elderly couples were in their 80s. They asked for the censorship of their names and localities. The man gave off the impression that he was a skilled carpenter, repairer, and even painter of wood. Joseph Swanson, an aggressive man who approached me, made his introduction. The property owned by the couple required woodwork. The man went around their home and made a list of everything that required fixing. Joseph prepared the Woodchucking fraud and urgently made fixes.

He enumerated the limbs that needed to be severed. Yet, the parents had a strong emotional bond with the tree that their child had a house in and had left many traces of their childhood play on it. At the time, the couple was unaware that they were being conned. Joseph's list of fixes was taken seriously. Joseph wanted the total of the bill to go up. Joseph was astute in including objects that did not require repair.

What was the scammer's plan?

Joseph used the woodchucking scam to obtain cash in advance to purchase the broken items. To complete the task, he employed Travis Jenkins and Nicholas Shonabin. Travis and Nicholas also accepted advance money for the repairs. The process was laborious and ultimately unsuccessful. Joseph repeatedly excused himself by saying that the couple's spouse was in the hospital. The pair was highly recognised for giving back to their community. They received a number of payments for the hospital bills by taking advantage of their inexperience. Joseph took his family over to the couple's home to paint a table.

FAQ about the woodchucking scam

Is registration required to attend the Montgomery County Elder and Vulnerable Adult Task Force's safety seminar?

During business hours, anyone can register for the session over the phone by dialling (240) 777-4999.

Why did the system send out an alert at this time of year?

The authorities believe that wood-chucking scams, which are increasingly common and target older folks, are busiest at this time of year.

Was the repair work Joseph listed completed?

No. A number of repairs were mentioned to the couple by Joseph, but they were never finished.

What was the couple's response?

The elderly couple did not publicly respond to the woodchucking scam because they did not want to reveal their identities.The location of the Montgomery County Elder and Vulnerable Adult Task Force's standardised safety session is not known.
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