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Blue-Light Therapy

The blue light soothes sensitive, blemish-prone skin and functions as an anti-inflammatory. Although acne-causing bacteria are reduced, redness is minimised. Existing imperfections will appear to instantly fade, and the skin will remain clear for a longer period of time.

The history of LED therapy

NASA recruited the help of plant biologists to discover a way to grow plants and provide food for people in space. These experts turned to LED lights as a potential option. Once LEDs had shown their effectiveness in promoting plant growth, NASA looked into using LED therapy to promote tissue repair and discovered similar success. This study served as the catalyst for the creation of cutting-edge, potent LEDs, which are presently utilised in several aesthetic applications.

How does it function?

The idea behind red light therapy can be compared to how plants photosynthesize in humans. The mitochondria, which are organelles in a cell that take in nutrients and break them down to produce energy molecules for the cell, are considered to perform better when exposed to specific light wavelengths. The functioning of the entire cell will be improved by improving cellular respiration.


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