Lily Hair Express Reviews: Is the website providing the best women's hair design service?

Lily hair express reviews

Get ready to transform your hair care routine with Lily Hair Express! This revolutionary brand has been on the rise lately, and we can't wait to share our thoughts about their products. From shampoos and conditioners to styling tools, Lily Hair Express offers everything you need for luscious locks. We've put these products to the test in our honest and unbiased reviews - so sit back, relax, and get ready for a mane makeover!


really unprofessional Twelve days have passed since I made my order. There are none. My emails received no answers. Don't place an order on this website! Wish I had placed my order someplace else! I have asked for an update on shipment in seven emails. I've also asked for the cancellation of my complete order. Only automated answers devoid of any information are returned by the firm. They immediately withdraw the money for your purchase, but they never really send it. Extremely unprofessional. I'd like my entire order cancelled and my money returned right away.

Lily hair express reviews

If you're looking for a new hair salon, Lily Hair Express is a great option. The staff is friendly and talented, and they offer a wide range of services. I've been going to Lily Hair Express for about six months now, and I've never been disappointed.I always get my hair cut and styled by Lily herself. She's fantastic! She really takes the time to listen to what you want and then works her magic. My hair has never looked better. I also get my eyebrows waxed at Lily Hair Express, and again, the results are amazing.If you're considering trying out Lily Hair Express, I would say go for it! You won't be disappointed.

A tardy delivery

My order was placed more than 20 days ago, yet it hasn't yet been delivered. The only complaint I have is that there are delays, despite the fact that the website claims delivery will occur within six days. If I'm in Berlin, shouldn't the delivery happen quickly? The order number is HE2418098 I advise getting in touch with the store's customer support to find out the status of your order. It's conceivable that unanticipated events are creating delays, but it's crucial to be in constant contact with the shop about your order.

A little late in delivery.

Hi, I placed my order on July 27 in Germany and am still awaiting delivery. According to the website, Germany takes 3–4 days. Extremely deceptive. Invoice HE2477744.9.08 After sending an email to customer assistance, I received my package today. In order to prevent unhappy customers, websites must appropriately state the delivery timings. Nevertheless, it is admirable that the customer support was attentive and able to remedy the problem quickly.

worst encounter

Terrible experience since I needed to leave Germany by December 16 and placed my purchase in time on December 3, 2022. They advertise prompt and quick delivery within 1–4 days on their website. 5 days have already elapsed; Order Number: HE2578945 Status: paid but not yet delivered. It is awful. As the order hadn't even been dispatched yet, there was no online option to cancel and receive a refund. You haven't responded to my email. Hello there, Facebook. You haven't provided any updates in 5 days. I need to change my order, get a refund, and order somewhere else. Please refrain from responding that you do not process the orders in a timely manner "due to many orders, a large number of requests, or a COVID issue," since it sounds funny. Douglas. Every day, he receives a lot more orders; I placed a comparable order with Douglas and have already received it. Hence, it just demonstrates that you are dishonest or unable to do your job.

Minimal contact

I placed my purchase for my box on December 21. A few days later, I emailed to inquire about the delivery time and was informed that it would be delayed. I've already made a couple attempts to call today to see how long it will take or to simply cancel it, but no one is answering. My first and final occasion I wouldn't order if I knew it would take that long. When you don't get the kind of customer care you expect, especially when you're eager to get your item, it's upsetting. You could want to try contacting the business via their social media accounts or sending another email with a specific cancellation and refund request.

Do you mean really bad service or bankruptcy?

Ordered on July 27, and the firm instantly removed the funds; however, I have not yet gotten my item. I requested a status update and an explanation by email eight days ago, and I received an auto-reply that there were too many orders and a response may take four days. I'm still waiting for a response and pondering whether the business has filed for bankruptcy.

Highly recommended

My previous interactions with Hair Express have always been excellent. This store offers a lengthy selection of authentic professional brands. The delivery happens extremely quickly. In my situation, DHL delivered my item in a single day. Also, they regularly provide trial versions of several goods, which is a welcome extra. Overall, I had a wonderful buying experience and would heartily endorse this store to anybody searching for top-notch materials for professional beauty. The customer service is also top-notch, since they answer your questions and address your issues right away.

scam warning? Do not use this company.

The website said the Dr. Gross LED mask I bought, which cost close to 350 euros, was in stock and would arrive in 2–3 days. I still haven't received the item two weeks later, and neither Hairexpress nor I have any idea when I will. They have not responded to my three emails to them. This is a fraud, and I need my money back.

This business is just crap.

Avoid using this business at all costs; they offer things online that claim to be in stock and are quick to accept your money. But, I am still waiting for my purchase today (April 21, 2022), one month after placing it, and I have sent them multiple letters with just generic, useless responses. In order to stop this business from defrauding additional individuals, it is crucial to denounce it to the appropriate authorities. To alert others, it's also a good idea to post a critical review on their website or social media accounts.
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