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Would I suggest it?

Although there are certain benefits to this grooming tool that I can appreciate, ultimately I would not suggest it. The back-shaving process takes too long. This is in addition to the pricey price tag and eventual requirement to replace the shaving head. tressing. slinging slinging. slinging. Because I've used practically every back shaver ever produced, I prefer a simpler approach. This is a really good electric back shaver that will remove back hair; however, it has the aforementioned issue.


Extremely attractive packaging. The trimming head performs admirably; we just wish it were larger. The Shaving Head works nicely along the curvature of the top of the shoulders. The Bakscape excels in this area, whereas other manual back shavers occasionally fall short. Simply put, it easily avoids rounded edges. In this area, it truly excels. The razor is excellent. and better than I anticipated it would. So I didn't have high expectations for this kind of back shaver. Money-back guarantee for 30 days. Folding handles make for simple storage and transport. You may use it in the shower or to rinse out thanks to its water-resistant construction. 90-minute run duration on a full charge

The five revolving shaving heads on the exterior are very flexible and glide smoothly to conform to the various body shapes. After using this, I had no skin irritations. I experienced no cuts or nicks following use of this product. I like how they give both the shaving head and the trimming head protection. Charger status illumination The handle design allows me to access all regions of my back. While the shaver head creates a high-pitched whine, it is generally silent. Excellent for people with multiple skin tags, scars, or moles on their backs. The special shaving head allows you to shave in any direction. This greatly increases your versatility.


takes longer than other back-shaving methods. This back shaver has two stages. According to the two attachment heads, it trims first before shaving. Longer back hair will be shaved, although Bakscape does not advise it. In order to shave the back, you must first trim the long hair on the back using the trimmer head. This all requires time and effort. To attach the shaving head to the handle, there are no explicit, detailed instructions. I struggled with it for about ten minutes. I guess I'm stupid. A schematic showing how to assemble it (quick start guide) would have been useful. You'll need to revisit a location more than once to collect all the single strands.

It is not practicable to use a little trimming head (1 3/6′′ broad) on such a huge area as the back. This has to be bigger to fit the bigger back area. a back-shaving system that is rather pricey. The handle has a small amount of discomfort because its underside is ridged. The shaving head is not very balanced and top-heavy. No wall plug is included. Not a huge concern because I have many of these, but some people might not. The device has to be charged before use. Product durability. I'm avoiding rechargeable electronics more and more. After keeping these sorts of gadgets for years, you start to notice the battery life and little moving parts starting to go bad. Something to think about

Advice and Queries

How lengthy is the shaving of the head?

Replacement of the shave head is advised by Bakscape every 3–6 months. It is important to follow the recommended replacement schedule to ensure optimal performance and prevent skin irritation. Additionally, using a shaving cream or gel can help reduce the length of time it takes to shave the head and provide a smoother result.

After trimming my back hair to the ideal length for shaving, how frequently should I do so?

Hair shorter than 2mm works best with the Bakscape shaving head. This entails using the shaving head once or twice a week, depending on the rate of back hair growth. It is important to note that the frequency of shaving also depends on personal preference and the desired level of hairlessness. Additionally, proper maintenance and cleaning of the Bakscape Shaving Head can prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance.

What Difference Does It Make From My Preferred Back Shaver?

The Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus is the back shaver I like. It has the nicest design and construction of any back shaver I've used, and it does an excellent job of shaving back hair. Both the initial purchase price and the total cost are significantly lower. Using the Bakblade to shave your back takes far less time than using the Bakscape technique. In addition, the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus is easy to use and can be done without assistance, making it a convenient option for those who prefer to shave their back hair at home. The adjustable handle also allows for better control and precision when shaving hard-to-reach areas of the back.

A new electric vehicle is once again available.

I've lately acquired one of them after seeing them for sale on the internet for a short period. This electric back shaver has a distinctive design and can both shave and trim hair. While I have seen this sort of shaver around, I have never used one before. I am looking forward to trying it out. I can't wait to test it out and see how well it performs. I am particularly interested in its ability to trim hair, as I find it difficult to get a precise trim with my current shaver. It will be interesting to see if this electric back shaver can provide a more accurate and even trim.
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