Juicici Clothing Reviews: Is this website offering women's clothing?

Low-quality, unsustainable, and inexpensive materials

Juicici employs relatively low-grade fabric in its goods since the majority of the patterns are inexpensive knockoffs of those made by other clothing companies. Its materials are largely unsustainable in addition to being of inferior quality. The brand only causes significant textile waste due to its extremely short retail life cycle and significant stock updates every other month.

Information on the owner is missing.

Have you ever come across a renowned apparel company whose founder remains anonymous? I don't, and I'm certain you haven't either. I mean, why would they want to stay obscure if they are operating such a great brand? But welcome to Juicici, which has purposefully used a paid service to conceal its owner's identity.

Untrustworthy Server

Also, I've learned that the brand's website is hosted on a server that also hosts a lot of questionable and low-quality websites. Furthermore, it is not linked to any other websites and is run from a country with a high risk reputation.

Where do the garments for Juicici come from?

One thing is evident after gathering all the information I can about this company: its goods are not produced under its own control. Instead, the brand buys them from other suppliers. The question is, who are these suppliers and where are they located? Have you recently observed a spike in the quantity of these unusual apparel labels? particularly on social media platforms like Instagram. If you look closely, you'll see that they all have quite similar posting patterns and visual styles.

My inquisitive nature alerted me to the possibility of anything fishy, so I conducted more research. I looked up a handful of the designs from those pages and discovered that Chinese marketplaces were offering the exact same products at significantly lower costs. Juicici is one of several well-known social media businesses that engage in this practise. These companies purchase goods in bulk from Chinese vendors and brand them with their logos without paying attention to the items' quality or ethical standards.

The last word

Our planet is being destroyed at an alarming rate by fast fashion. Though it may feel like there is no escape from it, numerous respectable firms are reforming the old practises, such as Tradlands, Whimsy & Row, and MATE. All we need to do is make informed purchases from these ethical companies, and things will gradually improve.

Juicici com Evaluation

You must be here to determine if Juicici.com is a fraud or a reliable business and whether you should buy anything from this online store or not. If so, your search is over since our Juicici review will reveal if the company is a scam or a legitimate internet retailer.

Juicici com: What is it?

It is an online retailer of clothing items, including shirts, dresses, bottoms, accessories, and so on. Before picking this site as your purchasing destination, there are a lot of things you should know about it.

Due to the following issues, Juicici is listed as one of the questionable sites:

Business Address:

The company's location is shown as "19H MAXGRAND PLAZA, NO. 3 TAI YAU ST., SAN PO KONG KLN, HONG KONG" on the Contact Us and Refund Policy websites. Unfortunately, Google Maps does not list any companies with the name Juicici at or close to this address; rather, it lists other businesses. It also listed a different location on its Facebook profile, which is "B01-1, 2nd Floor, Haijing East Road No. 18, Xiamen Area in China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone Xiamenzi, Fujian, China, 361000," which is located on the mainland of China.

Google Maps is unable to locate an exact match for this address yet. Thus, we are unable to trust this firm for any type of online shopping. Notwithstanding the fact that the supplied address is from Hong Kong, it states on its Terms and Conditions page that its services will be subject to and interpreted in line with UK legislation. How is it possible for a Hong Kong-based business to be subject to British law?

Copy of the contents:

We noticed that the product images used for its catalogue are not original, indicating that either this company is only reselling clothing or that it copied the image from another website. The idea behind the website and a lot of the content are also the same as those of other questionable and harmful websites.
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