Charix Shoes Reviews: Is this website offering women's shoes?

Is Charix Shoes a trustworthy website or just another con that targets users?

Charix has been employed for a long time. It has received a lot of important green signals. They adore it. Yet, it may be a hoax. Check the following items to establish Charix's website's legal status:

Contact information

The main information a buyer will look for is the owner's name, contact phone number, and address. If these are shared, it is great, but if they aren't, that raises serious questions about the legality of the web store. Fortunately, Charix has provided the audience with its key information. Contact address, phone number, and owner name are the primary details a buyer will search out. If these are shared, it is well and good, but if they are not, then a significant red flag will be marked on the web store’s legality character. Luckily, Charix has shared its primary details with the audience.

Connections to social media:

Links to Charix's Facebook and Instagram profiles have been distributed. There is enough fan involvement on these accounts. The number of followers is growing, and they respond to the shared posts. You can email the address if you have any questions.

Website Age:

On April 22, 2016, the charix com domain was established. In other words, they have been formally employed in the market for more than six years. Websites that scam users only last a short while. For Charix, it's another checkmark.

Special Deals

Every order is sent for free. 15% off on email signups


Simple yet lovely designs for social networking sites contact details. Free delivery. The policy for returns is 30 days. The score for trust is 82%.


A little pricey.

User Reviews for Charix Shoes

We must rely on customer reviews while purchasing online since customers post feedback on official websites and social media accounts. There are not many customer reviews for Charix. There are a tonne of customer reviews on the company's own website. Charix sneakers have received 5-star reviews from 87% of customers. It's incredible. The buyer's statement is worth reading while you are in the comment area. They claim that they adore the Charix footwear. There are numerous posts and audience interactions on social media platforms. Every post and shoe component has received a hearty response from them. In a nutshell, evaluations of Charix sneakers are excellent.


How much is shipping with Charix?

Shipping is free from Charix. They'll send it for free, whether you choose regular delivery or expedited shipping.

Accept PayPal payments from Charix?

They do take PayPal payments, indeed. You may also use your bank cards to make a payment.

Can I exchange Charix's footwear?

Charix makes every effort to provide flawless products. But you have 30 days to request a return or refund if your product is defective or damaged.

What country makes Charix shoes?

The skilled and knowledgeable artisans that produce Charix shoes are located in the Istanbul Atelier.

Sum Up

Online retailer Charix sells straightforward leather shoes. They are offered for sale all around the world. Charix likes to offer free shipping on their shoes. 1-2 days are needed for shipping within the US; 7–21 days are needed for delivery abroad. At the Istanbul Atelier, Charix shoes are made. It was created by skilled artisans and producers with love and enthusiasm. Charix adds a 30-day return window for things that aren't complete. There are several evaluations of Charix sneakers on both the official websites and social media platforms. Buyers can get in touch with us using our contact details.
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