Sa Styles Reviews: Does it provide the best women's clothing?

Buy nothing from SA Styles.

I placed a jacket order at the start of October 2022. After having to contact them multiple times over the purchase, I finally got the jacket in the second week of January 2023. I purchased a big jacket, but when I got the garment, it was really a size small since the specifications weren't accurate. Once again, after emailing them, I received a link for a return or exchange. After clicking the link and inputting the required information, the page will display the message "return: exchange time limit Ro is closed. This business cannot be duplicated. Save your money and time.


I experienced the same problem. I spent $215 on two coats altogether. never got it. I never received a reply to my calls or emails requesting a complete refund. Finally, I emailed them to let them know that I had contacted the BBB and filed a complaint. They responded to my email right away with a tracking number. I still haven't gotten anything. The weight of the package is 0.01 kilogrammes. They never departed their building. Although it claims to be situated in California, the plant is actually based in China.


I placed an order for two coats, but only one was delivered—the other never showed up. I emailed a video asking where I could return the damaged jacket and get my money back on the day I got it. With little to no response, I was told that I had passed the 30-day refund window, which is nonsensical considering that I had already begun the refund procedure on the day the jacket came. I've been writing the firm every day, but I still don't know where the other jacket is, and I've received no responses. They will gladly accept your payment, but if you need to return an item, they will disappear. That is scary and just filthy. This is a scam. This business needs to be shut down. As they are a bunch of liars, they should be reported to whoever can stop them from dealing.

They figured out a technique to accept money and offer no assistance.

bought a dress for the occasion. I emailed customer support to cancel the order after I saw it would not even arrive in time to meet the deadline. I emailed without success six times. PayPal was contacted for a claim after money had already been stolen. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I received an email stating that I could not cancel the transaction and a shipment notification.

As there are no refunds for "wrong size" or "don't like," I had to accept a credit after receiving the dress and following the return instructions (which required opening the package to take photographs). My email informs me that I cannot make a return since the order no longer exists. They are using every trick in the book to avoid repaying the money. If you cannot waive money, do not place an order with this company. The worst service I have ever had resulted in a $130 loss.

Do not purchase this expensive waste of money.

Regardless of their published policy, it is difficult to get your money back! Awful fabric, cut, and quality, as well as bad customer service! Don't bother if you're not cheap enough to care about saving money! Them suckers

SA Styles

I've ordered a few things from this phoney firm as well. I've tried calling and contacting them, and I've even downloaded the app they promote for tracking shipments, but nothing has happened. Finally, I complained to the BBB, and I'm hoping to get my money back. How they are defrauding people left and right is so upsetting.

kind of fraud Internet shopping

Purchases were placed online for free delivery and discounts after receiving multiple emails and advertisements. These things are lovely. My credit card was immediately debited for two dresses, and the order's next-day status reads "preparing for shipping." The situation has been the same for the past 67 days. No tracking number was provided. Repeated email inquiries merely result in automatic responses in the same language. A request to cancel and receive a refund was ignored for days. They regularly remove bad evaluations, such as mine, when I publish on social networking websites.

Customers are requesting updates on order status. Nevertheless, disregard remarks from obviously paid individuals who claim to enjoy their purchases and to have received them on schedule. Calling may just result in an answering machine. There is a reason why there aren't any evaluations of their products: consumers either don't get them or, if they do, complain about the poor quality and the slow response time for returns and crediting their payment method. The majority of the goods cost above $100, which is disappointing.

Shady Dealings

They have several very stunning gowns shown on their website, with prices ranging from $130 to $150. I purchased a dress. These ship out in about a week. You emailed them with your questions or concerns? Good fortune! When you do receive a response, it's extremely ambiguous and doesn't even address the question you posed. This tracking website is completely unresponsive. While I see the information in front of me as plain as day, it claims that I am entering the incorrect tracking number and pin.

They said that because my item was in transit, they couldn't provide me with a precise location. I should point out that it has been two weeks, and I still have not gotten my dress. According to testimonials I've seen, some customers waited eight months for their orders before receiving a refund. Yeah! No! These folks are not people I would buy from. It's one of those no-name companies that chooses certain customers to swindle. Then, they treat their regular customers like royalty in order to keep their positive evaluations. Hence, it is doubtful when individuals are defrauded.

Do not order from this fraudulent website.

I ordered a dress from their website back in April 2022 for a wedding in June 2022, but I never got it. In June 2022, I emailed them twice, and after two months, they informed me that the dress was no longer in stock. When I asked for a refund but never got it, they stopped replying. On their website, the dress has never had an "out of stock" designation. About a year has passed, and I still haven't received the dress or a refund from anybody. Even though they have repeatedly promised to call me back by phone or email, every time I call, I just get the answering service to leave a message. I am constantly emailing support, but I never get a reply. Also, when I went to leave a review on their website, they blocked any critical comments. Do not order from this.
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