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Deliverables include:

The affected regions include a sizable portion of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Estonia, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Colombia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Hungary, Australia, Israel, Singapore, New Zealand, and Vietnam.

How long does it take to complete and send my order?

Within 1-3 business days after we have confirmed your payment, we will process and dispatch your purchase.

How can I alter my address now that my order has already been shipped?

We regret that once an order has been dispatched, adjustments cannot be made. Change your address and alternative delivery choices if necessary by getting in touch with us via "Info Email" if it hasn't been dispatched yet.

Even though the tracking shows that my delivery has been made, I have not yet received it. What should I do?

We apologise for the trouble this has put you in. In this situation, we advise getting in touch with your carrier to learn the current status of your delivery. It may be left someplace else or with a neighbour. To contact us, please see the information below. If the carrier's customer support is unable to assist you, send an email, and we'll initiate a case for a lost shipment.

Why did I only get a portion of my order?Why did I only get a portion of my order?

Some of the products could be delivered separately, and the second tracking number (or occasionally more) cannot be shown on the order page. In this situation, kindly give it two to three days before contacting us at if the shipment still hasn't come.

Can I get my delivery rushed?

Please let us know at the checkout page if you need it by a certain date. We'll do all we can to make this happen for you. If the deadline is approaching too quickly for us to guarantee delivery before that time, we will let you know and give you the option of keeping your purchase or cancelling it. It should be noted that after an order has been placed or sent, an expedition CANNOT be performed.

I ordered the items for my vacation, but they didn't come in time, and I no longer need them. Who will pay for the cost of return shipping?

Prior to production or shipping of the product, we allow order cancellations. As soon as the goods are delivered, we are unable to cancel the purchase. We apologise for not paying the return charge.

Shipping Method

We ship using China Post, EMS, USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx in order to guarantee shipment quality.

Customs duties and taxes

Please be aware that Pinklaura is the source of all shipping. With Pinklaura, you simply have to pay the final sale price because there is no extra tax for American buyers on our items. Please be aware that Pinklaura is not permitted by customs laws to classify purchases as gifts or to mention an amount that is less than the real product price.

Online Shop Conditions

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Information's accuracy, completeness, and timeliness

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A Change in the Service and Prices

Without prior warning, our product prices might vary. The service (or any component or content thereof) may be changed or discontinued at any moment without prior notice. We will not be held liable to you or any other party if the service is changed, its pricing is changed, it is suspended, or it is discontinued.
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