Rebelstork Reviews: Is It Safe to Buy Used Baby Gear?

What do "excellent used," "overstock," and "open box" baby gear mean?

Yes, if you're a first-time customer at Rebelstork, this is the year to be open-minded about open boxes, overstock, and high-quality secondhand baby gear. This is the query that Team Rebby is asked the most frequently on a daily basis. We are here to prevent infant equipment from ending up in landfills. Simply because the box was previously opened and sent back to the merchant, we provide the top brands at a fraction of the price. On our marketplace, this is marked as an "open box." Rebelstork combines with top-tier shops and brands with an eye on affordability and sustainability to ensure that you can purchase the greatest baby gear—such as bassinettes, car seats, high chairs, and strollers—before it ends up in landfills. Each object is examined before being listed and is utterly desirable. Also available are deals on uncommon, "gently used" pre-owned items that you won't find anywhere else. Our products assist Mother Earth and a circular economy powered by our flock, elevating kindness to a new level. There has never been a better moment to purchase ethically, with inflation at all-time highs, supply chain difficulties persisting, and climate change taking place right before our eyes.

Resale is in style. Secondhand has completely lost its stigma, and sustainability is a virtue. Honestly, it's the only way to combat inflation. not to mention Overstock! These are the brand-new (never opened or used) products that require a new home. Our pinky pledge was created out of a desire to improve and provide you the tools you need to purchase wisely. It is meant to make parenting simpler and give you access to the best baby gear, regardless of your budget. As of this writing, we have prevented approximately 150,000 product pieces from ending up in landfills. Additionally, we have assisted many parents in making informed selections regarding their purchases. You're covered, baby! Check out our lovely and eco-friendly new arrivals. All the brands are included in your cart at the best prices.

Parenting has just become more transparent.

Introduce yourself to the Rebelstork Resale Report, which offers unmatched value, quality, and transparency. We are at the forefront of the baby gear industry, providing a comprehensive overview of trends and resale occurrences each year. Learn more, be assured when making wiser decisions, and take pride in your contribution to our efforts to change the world for the better.

Can I use my Rebby Rewards coupon in conjunction with another promo code?

No, only one discount coupon is accepted on our site per order. We advise utilising the promotion that ends first!

Can I get Rebby Rewards points from previous purchases?

Sadly, points cannot be added to past orders once they have been placed.

Will I get paid the same amount when I sell my equipment through Rebelstork as REVTM does?

No, not always. Based on the ongoing gathering of data about market demand, REVTM is evolving. To calculate the listing price at the time of listing, which is dynamic at that moment, each listing is run via REVTM. Your own digital seller account will display each item's listing price when you sell something using Rebelstork.

Do brands and merchants use the ReLuvable Collective?

REVTM, the technology behind our ReLuvableTM Collective, enables both brands and merchants.

Does the ReLuvable Collective operate with traditional retail outlets or online stores?

The REVTM-powered ReluvableTM Collective technology can adaptably support both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce.

In a letter to Emily

Despite the resurgence of in-person meetings, virtual worlds took off. Business model distinctions between new and old, online and offline, and resale and retail became hazy. More parents* spent the majority of their time at home in 2021, coping with the uncertainty by doing a lot more with a little less money and being frugal with their time and money. Parents have become more socially and financially responsible, as well as acutely aware of the mass manufacture of things intended for single-use only and eventually ending up in landfills. Customers now expect sustainability to be a factor in their purchase decisions. The business model is being avidly adopted by brands. The circular economy is being promoted and supported by legislators.
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