Western Razor Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

High Noon Razor Review from Western Razor Company

Until recently, I had somehow overlooked The Western Razor Company. I just researched North American razor manufacturers for an article I published, and I came upon this business.


My attention was sparked by their tale, and I was curious to find out more about the business and what they stood for. It's exciting to see a new player on the market that is entirely developed and produced in the USA. The decision to test it out is easy given the $60 USD price tag. I decided to purchase the High Noon Razor even though there was only one model available at the time of writing. Two men, Mike and Dave, who were dissatisfied with the way the shaving market was developing, created the Western Razor Company. The High-Noon Razor was inspired by the gimmicks, subscriptions, throwaway waste, and scarcity of Made in the USA razors that formerly dominated the market.

They sought to design an "everyman" item that would appeal to both novice and seasoned wet shavers equally, function well, look well, and be produced in the United States. Western Razor was first conceived in 2013, but it wasn't until 2019 that it was really realised. The pair learned a lot about working with manufacturers, engineers, and designers to create a razor that met their criteria during that period. The firm presently only sells one razor, the High Noon, but there are hopes to make additional American-made goods in the future. After some trial and error and roughly eight actual prototypes (and many more on paper), the company currently only provides this one razor. I recently purchased a High Noon and gave it a couple weeks of use.

High Noon Razor:

The Western Shave Company's first product is the High Noon Razor. It is a typical double-edged razor and uses typical DE blades. It has the typical three-piece construction (top cap, guard, and grip) and is entirely made of metal with no plastic components. The razor itself has a chrome finish that is really bright and makes me think of the Rockwell 6C. Mike, one of the proprietors, confirmed that the razor is a zinc-based cast metal that has been chrome-plated with Zamak. With a length of around 4 1/4 inches (CM), a weight of 4.1 ounces (116 grammes), and a closed comb blade guard, it is on the bigger side. The handle's well-done knurling makes it simple to wield. It comes with ten Persona Blue (Made in USA) blades in a simple cardboard box. Right, effective, and exactly what I would expect from a razor at this price.

American Made SPECIAL EDITION Safety Razor with 5 Refill Blades

Your last razor purchase—in stunning limited edition finishes! It's a wonderful present for someone you love or for yourself. This is America's fashionable razor. Four limited edition finishes of the "High Noon" safety razor are available: gold, rose gold, rhodium (silver-white), and black ruthenium (dark grey). packed in a high-end, soft-touch black box. Razors, blades, and packaging are all wholly American-made. Premium "Give It to Your Grandkid" is made entirely of metal (no plastic). Better shave than disposable razors: less irritation, less icky clogging, and fewer ingrown hairs. contains five high-quality American-made blades that, when used every other day, will last for 10 weeks. Save up to $110 on blades annually, perpetually! A Unisex term refers to something that is suitable for both men and women. For purchases over $75, basic delivery is free.

How can I find additional blades?

We have additional blades available for purchase right here in our shop! Additionally, we provide some suggestions for shaving cream and other extras to buy to use with your new razor.

Product Specifics

Fashionable 3 piece double edge safety razor set. Weight when assembled: 4.1 oz (116 grammes). The dimensions of the assembled razor are 4.15 x 1.08 x 1.614 inches. Handle measurement: 3.9 inches. Metal: Zinc that has either been gold, rose gold, rhodium, or black ruthenium plated. Blades are three-sided, coated, oiled, and made of stainless steel. A limited edition item may or may not be restocked once it sells out.


Disclaimer: I paid full retail for this razor, which I bought from Western straight through their website. A review is entirely an expression of the author's viewpoint. Always keep in mind: YMMV. I couldn't help but note the size of the High Noon Razor when I first saw it. As was already noted, it is fairly massive and can withstand even the heaviest pair of hands. The polish really impressed me because there were no tool marks or other flaws in it, and it was glossy. On my first pass, shaving against the grain, I was struck by how gentle it felt.  It required some pushing to get going, and cutting closer did require a larger angle. In terms of aggressiveness, if I had to estimate, it would be comparable to setting #2 on a Vintage Gillette adjustable, setting 1 on a Merkur Progress, and plate #1 on a Rockwell 6C. I had to remind myself that this razor is not designed to be aggressive and that I had to apply more pressure than normal to get it moving. It was one of the most comfortable and simple razors I've ever used. Similar results occurred while shaving against the grain: a little more pressure was applied than usual, and the result was another flawless shave with minimal discomfort. With this razor, I needed some touch-ups, especially after the first few passes, but once I figured out the angles, it went relatively well. It's crucial to note that I also shave my head.

I had a very specific razor in mind while shaving the old dome. The skull tends to be quite sensitive and not very forgiving, so I use a very gentle razor. The razor's gentle design makes shaving incredibly comfortable and irritation-free. It was incredibly simple to use, which was great because I typically have to trust my razor not to hurt me when I can't see what I'm doing when shaving with only one mirror (you head shavers who need to save time get what I'm saying). The only aspect of shaving my head that I would modify is the handle, since I thought it was a little too lengthy. Perhaps in the future, handles will be cut shorter. With the high noon, shaving was really easy and gentle. I could trust the razor to perform as it was intended and did not have to give the shave any attention. Because it requires a comparable shaving technique (applying more pressure) to a cartridge razor (or a razor that would be simple to go from cartridges to double-edge), it makes a perfect transitional item.


Overall, the High Noon Razor is a fantastic razor for the money. For $60, you can acquire an excellent face- and head-shaving razor that is produced entirely in America. At this price range, there aren't many razors that do that, and knowing you're supporting a tiny company committed to fair trade and sustainability is a major advantage. I feel this razor is targeted at novice wet shavers who want to make the switch to traditional wet shaving since it's wonderful for them. However, seasoned wet shavers who want a more forceful, manoeuvrable shave may choose to pass on this one.

As stated earlier, I view this razor as a transitional one that requires only a fundamental technique and has all the advantages of a double-edge razor without the complications of more aggressive razors. If you're a headshaver seeking a forgiving razor that you wouldn't worry about shaving regions you can't see in a hurry, then this is the razor for you, in my opinion. You can relax knowing you won't hurt yourself when shaving areas you can't see.
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