Minute Land Legit: Is It Real Or Fake?

What if Minute declares bankruptcy or shuts down?

Although we don't see this happening anytime soon, we do have fallback measures built into our land usage permits. If we do close, we'll offer you plenty of advance notice and the choice to buy the underlying property at a fair market price. As a result, by purchasing the land, you have the option to keep it forever.

What may I do on my property?

Within the boundaries of the county and state in which your property is located, you are free to use it for any legal purpose. construct, camp, and live. With approval from the relevant regulatory organisations, you may also use the land for leisure activities like fishing and hunting.

How will I identify my territory?

We'll provide you with a set of precise coordinates that specify the limits of your area. These will also be easy to open on Google Maps. Smartphone GPS is getting more and more precise, so it will more than suffice to determine your borders.

How are real estate taxes and other fees calculated?

The parcel's property taxes, HOA dues, and other related costs will be added to your order at checkout. This is a one-time fee that typically costs less than $10. All future property taxes and fees will be automatically paid by us.

Do I truly possess the land?

No and yes. You are legally allowed to have unfettered access to our property thanks to a modified land use permit from Minute. Both the contract and the location are yours. Your contract is cemented for your consumer protection, so we are unable to just void it. You can continue to be the land's owner even if we are unable to uphold the contract in the future. This has been compared quite a bit by many in the field to traditional deed ownership.

My deeded property may be listed on Minute.

We are currently looking into this. We would love to make this option available to the general public. Minute parcels can earn significantly more than market value. Please get in touch if you want further details.

Can I Airbnb or rent out my space?

You are free to use your property for any legitimate objective. You may indeed rent out your space. You might need to register or obtain permission in order to engage in rental and Airbnb operations, depending on the rules and regulations in your area.

Describe the Scout programme.

We use the application to identify and assess new properties to sell on the platform as well as to create fresh marketing materials for our current properties.
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