Be Active Plus Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Beactive Plus is a fabric cuff that can be adjusted to fit either the right or left leg immediately below the knee. It is designed to help reduce sciatica-related pain and discomfort. It may significantly ease any discomfort you are feeling in your legs, hips, or lower back after you put it on. The inner pad of each cuff has been crafted to target an acupressure point that regulates sciatic nerve pain signals, and each one has an adjustable strap that you may use to alter the fit. It is recommended to begin with the leg that looks to be giving you the most discomfort although you can use your Beactive Plus cuff on either leg.
Make sure the correct label (R for right or L for left, depending on which leg you've chosen) is towards the front when you wrap the cuff around your chosen leg just below the knee. The small acupressure pad on the cuff will align with the proper acupressure point on the inside of the leg you've chosen when it is in the right position. Next, adjust the cuff's strap as much as necessary to ensure that it is snug enough to prevent sliding up or down, but not too snug that it causes discomfort. Once you have selected the proper tension level, Velcro the strap shut. Your sciatic nerve has the ability to transmit pain messages to your body when it is out of control.

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