Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Regarding the dress. The quality was rather excellent. Although the cloth itself was a little on the thin side, the craftsmanship was top-notch (I sew, so I have some understanding). The real deal? The style didn't look well on me. More so than I had anticipated, it had a drop waist, which I didn't like on my shape. To my amazement, the top also contained a full, excellently constructed built-in corset. I kind of wanted that it was a little bit simpler because it's just a party dress. Like I said, the boning and lining were really beautifully constructed; yet, it looked a touch excessive for a cocktail dress.
If you're thinking about placing an order with them, I would strongly recommend trying on a dress in a similar style beforehand so you won't be taken aback by the design. I simply took a chance that didn't pan out, but hey, everyone now has a review to benefit from it! If I knew what I was looking for, I would probably order from them again because they have some pretty cool styles. Additionally, when choosing, be sure to click on the color swatch chart. THEN, to view the actual sample, be sure to click on the "Click to View Real Fabric Samples" button. I didn't carry it out.

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