wellow compression socks reviews: Can It be Trusted for Real?

You may be surprised by how effective socks may be. Experience WellowFit compression's advantages. With our worry-free guarantee, you may send them back immediately if you don't love them. WELLOW'S PRODUCTS AND RELATED SITE CONTENT MAY BE MODIFIED OR DISCONTINUED WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE AND WITHOUT LIABILITY AT ANY TIME. There are only a few conventional sizes for compression. We experimented with 15-20 mmHg and saw no difference. We only managed to stand in them for a few hours when the pressure rose to 20 to 30 mmHg. We therefore made our own level. The sole sock with this compression level that softly wraps around feet, ankles, and legs to give enough support to increase blood flow but be comfortable enough to wear all day is Wellow Fit, which has a compression level of 18–25 mmHg.
Additionally, there are many compression levels for compression socks, with the typical consumer only having access to light to medium compression. Millimeters of Mercury are used to measure pressure (mmHg). While some people can simply choose a degree of sock pressure that feels comfortable, others may need a precise level of sock pressure that has been prescribed by a doctor due to certain health conditions.

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