Waterdrop Reviews: Is It Suitable For You?

I ordered a metal water bottle with the Zen flavor design on the bottle and a wood-covered lid, a pack of dark green tinted glass straws, and a full pack of the Love flavor (12 cubes). With that purchase, I got four flavors—Boost, Blow, Youth, and Zen—in sample sizes (3 cubes each) as well as free shipping. There were already 2 additional flavors at the time, and as I am writing this, a third flavor that I haven't tried has just been added. The two I didn't include were the two that include caffeine because I've been avoiding it since realizing it was an MCAS trigger two years ago.

The three varieties that I won't be discussing further are Focus, Shiro, which both include caffeine, and Vibe, a limited-edition flavor that just came out this week. Everything in my delivery of goods arrived fast and undamaged. The straws and water bottle gave out the impression right away that they were high-quality goods. I nearly always carried the water bottle and several flavor cubes for the following two weeks. River, who was curious, became intrigued by it and started tasting the various flavors of water with me. The Waterdrops didn't necessarily cause us to consume more drinks.

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